Points to consider when buying an air conditioner

air conditioners

After smartphones, AC could be the next big thing in the country. It’s better to be prepared for the scorching heat that the summer has to offer. Having a ceiling fan is not enough and cooler won’t be that effective, an air conditioner is the only solution! Here are some points to keep in mind before buying an AC:

A ton or 1.5 Ton AC

The first thing that the store manager asks before buying an air conditioner is the size of the room. Depending on the size of the room one needs to select an air conditioner. AC is classified into two groups, 1 and 1.5 Ton respectively. Ton is used to measuring the rate of heat that needs to be removed in order to freeze a metric ton of water at 0 C in a day. It’s best to use 1.5 Ton air conditioner in a big room and 1 Ton in a comparatively smaller room

Here are some of the reason why should consider buying a Split AC

AC is further classified into split and window AC. The most common and preferred type is Split AC. It is noiseless and comes with an outlet, unlike Window AC. Electricity consumption is the same for both so there is no clear winner in this category. You should consider the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), which is the measurement of the cooling effect for a particular device. Split AC is said to have a better cooling effect than Window Ac. Although split AC takes up more space as compared to Window AC, yet split AC is the best in the market.

How many windows are there in the room?

In order to maintain a cozy temperature, you need to make sure that the room has fewer windows. More windows mean, more the time required by the machine to attain a lower temperature. This is crucial in points to consider when buying an air conditioner.

Keep room less crowded

The number of people present in the room is the next thing that one needs to consider before selecting an AC. Every human body radiates heat that needs to be cooled by AC. Thus, a room consisting of a huge number of people will require more time to cool compared to a room with few.  Hence 1 Ton or 1.5 Ton will be decided on this basis!

Let it be free

Another factor that has a direct impact on the type of Ac one needs to buy is the free space available. Other than humans, any non-living substance, for example, the furniture of your room emits and traps heat. More congested a room, more the time required to cool. Consider any wooden material in the house; its temperature is somewhat around 28 C in summer. The time required to cool it down to 16 C when kept in front of AC could vary. Similarly, there is various stuff present in your room and, the machine needs to cool them all.

Number of electrical appliances present

Electrical appliance present in the room will only increase the time required to cool. Tube-lights and CFL, desktop/laptop computers, TV all fall in this category.

Walls which, gets heated easily in summer will require the best AC. Be sure to pay attention to the above-mentioned points as it will help you to get the best AC.

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