Signs that reveal your Air Condition is not well

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With an increasing level of Pollution, human life is at greater risk. Summer is going to be hotter than expected; Air Conditioner might be the next common thing to have in every house in India after smartphones. In that case, it’s a necessity to understand the signs that reveal that your AC is not well:

Take note of the cooling effect

The cooling effect is the primary concern that each individual has, cooling effect in simple terms is the amount of energy required to cool the atmosphere to a certain required temperature. With time the filters present in the machine tends to get stuffed with dust and the amount of air flow gets reduced. If there’s a gradual decrease in cooling effect compared to what it used to. Probably it’s time to call a technician and let him take a look.

Water dripping from the Air Conditioner

The second, the widely faced issue is the leaking or constant dropping of water from the inlet. There could be various reasons for this problem the most common one is the blockage of the outlet pipe. Use a Vacuum cleaner or blower to remove any dirt that’s blocking the passage of water.

If you hear some sort of strange sound that’s been made by your device

Ac’s are designed in such a way that they work effectively without causing a disturbance in terms of Db. If your AC produces any sort of jarring or knocking sound which wasn’t there before? Probably it’s time to call for a mechanic.  Evaporator coils might have taken a blow!

Take note of the airflow from the outlet

The amount of hot air that’s flowing out from your outlet could say a lot about the condition of the AC.  Any noticeable change in airflow could point out that your ac is on the verge of dying.

If there’s any foul smell prevailing in the atmosphere while turning your AC on

Since there’s a constant change of water to vapor and vice versa takes place inside the coils of the machine. Any sort of unwanted smell could be a hint that the machine is at risk and is a major sign that the Ac is not well.

If there’s an increase in the amount charged in the Electric bill

It’s considered the best to have an AC which is 5 stars rated because anything less than 3 stars will result in high current consumption. If you see any weird spikes in daily Electricity bills, it’s a sign of degrading Ac.

Too much of Moisture in the atmosphere

AC does make moisture in the atmosphere to a certain level if there’s a noticeable change in the moisture content it could be a sign that reveals that your AC is not well.


With the rapid increase in Global warming, nature is degrading at an alarming rate. Use of any harmful gas as Refrigerant should be avoided. R22 is been banned globally! Some old AC, Refrigerator still uses it though.