Safety tips to keep in mind while using gas heaters

gas heaters

Gas heaters mainly use natural gas like LPG, propane or butane in it. They are efficient in keeping the room warm during winters. Yes, gas heaters are safe if used properly. Here’s a list of tips to keep in mind while using gas heaters:

Don’t skip the manual

Every manufacturing company provides a buyer with a useful script, manual! To have a clear understanding and proper knowledge of the product concerned, read the manual thoroughly.

Contact technicians for safe installation and timely service of gas heaters

Gas heaters need proper installation to avoid any leakage. After reading the manual, don’t take a risk of installing it all by yourself. Instead, spend money and get hold of a gas heater technician.

Choose the right type

Before buying a gas heater, hover around and ask the shopkeeper to show you, the one which best suits your budget and requirement as per room. Gas heaters are of two types: Flued (portable) and Un-Flued gas heaters.  The Flued gas heater is good for indoor use. They have a Flue which takes all the harmful combustion gas out of the room.

Un-Flued gas heaters have no pipe or Flue in it and thus pollutes the indoor air with its combustion gases. One needs to have proper ventilation in the room to install Un-Flued gas heaters.

Other than emitting combustion gases to the room, Un-Flued gas heaters increases, the moisture content of the room. If you are looking for good efficient, safe and a small room heater then go for Flued gas heaters.

Use a certified gas heater

Instead of searching “Gas heaters Perth.” Look for verified gas heaters by Australian Gas Association (AGA) while buying. AGA is the most trusted body in terms of the quality of goods in its sectors. A certified heater will do well then the uncertified ones out there.

For Flued gas heaters: Regular maintenance of vents in Flued gas heaters is required and don’t do it yourself. Ensure a proper checkup of pipes and fittings for its proper functioning is a must. Contact a technician for that, don’t do it yourself. For any repair work, cleaning work or anything related to heaters doesn’t do it by self at all cost. If the Flued gas heater isn’t functioning properly, then avoid using it. If, the device gets damaged or is malfunctioning, then don’t use it. Make sure you don’t turn the switch on. Contact a mechanic who has the essential qualification and skills to fix it.

For Un-Flued gas heaters: Replace any old Un-Flued gas heaters. The mechanism of Un-Flued gas heaters is such that it draws in air from the room and heats it and sends it back. There are higher chances of health hazards in old gas heaters.

Proper ventilation for normal functioning of the Un-Flued heaters should be provided

Un-Flued gas heater requires proper ventilation to function effectively. Clean it regularly by a technician to be safe.

Heaters for Outdoor and Indoor use

Never use heaters designed for outdoor use as indoor heaters. It may emit Carbon-monoxide, which is highly toxic.

Maintain a safe distance and turn the heater off at night

Keep your small kids and pets away from the heater. Turning the heater off when going to bed is a safe practice. Don’t block the heater by putting a cloth over it. Keep it free!


The device will lose its efficiency with time, sometimes in Australia, the cylinder gets all rusted and hampers the heater. The new technology is promoting the use of LPG to avoid these effects.