How to keep your water heater operating for years?

water heater parts

The importance of the water heater in our daily life doesn’t need an explanation. But one needs to take care of it, to use it for years. Here’s how?

Know the type of heater

Since you are searching for maintenance of your water heater, you must have been through this step once before. Water heaters are of two kinds: The tank water heaters and the tankless water heaters.

Tank water heaters, like the name suggest, uses a metal-made tank and are cheaper to buy. This type of water heaters is the most used in house and apartments. The water gets heated with the use of gas like Propene and then passes on to the metal reservoir for storage. The water gets heated with the use of gas like Propene and then passes on to the metal reservoir for storage. The amount of hot water available is less compared to tankless water heaters.

A Tankless water heater uses a sensor for heating the water and is much more efficient in supplying hot water. Since it doesn’t store the water but heats the water on the go, makes it a better choice over others. Following is the Rheem heater parts: TP valve, Sediment Trap, ignitor, overflow tube.

Check the valve to avoid serious accidents

As water gets heated, it expands and attains a high pressure. The valve immediately releases extra water that’s present inside the tank in defence. One can inspect and have a look at the condition of it, solely by lifting the valve halfway and then allowing it close. If there’s a knocking sound produced in the process, the valve is functioning fine. No sound in the process will mean, the valve is in critical condition and requires a replacement. TP valve is significant, among other Rheem water heater parts.

Replace the part

Replacing a part yourself can result in a whole lot of confusion. Thus, its best to consult a plumber and let him take care of it. It’s better to know how things work so that you can monitor every move of the technician yourself. Here’s how you should use Rheem water heater repair parts: Unplug the plug from the socket and cut all form of power source to the water heater. Ensure that no water and gas is flowing to it. Open the bottom valve and the TP valve for a few seconds and let all the water flow. You can now replace the valve safely.

Flush the unwanted

In Tanked water heaters, flushing the unwanted particles that stick and settles in the bottom of the tank will help in saving large electricity bills. It is better to take aid from a plumber to clean it. One can do it on their own, once they get used to the process and know how to do it right. Remove the plug from the socket and ensure the gas is not flowing in the heater. Flush the water half-way in the tank, reducing the pressure inside it. And then turn the knob again to drain trash outside. Make sure there’s a passage for the free flow of that water. The cost of installing this type of water heater is less comparatively. Since this type of Rheem commercial water heater parts are┬áreadily present in the market. The maintenance cost is also cheap.


Having a water heater is just one side of the story. Keep it clean and follow the above steps to sort out any errors. And at any point, things get complicated plumbers are there to help!