How to make your air conditioner last long?

air conditioner

The nominal life expectancy of an air conditioner looms around 10 to 15 years and while you are thinking about replacing your former investment for a brand new one, remember it is going to be a costly affair for you. Shelling out loads of your accumulated wealth on a depreciating asset bears an undesirable economy and more often becomes a heavy liability. So the best option for you is to extract the maximum potential from your accommodated conditioners within its lifelong tenure. Taking the proper measures can make your conditioner last long for up to 15 years.

There are several factors that determine the lifespan of a conditioner which hinges around from the day of its installation to its last day of service. If you wish to get the most out of your investment here are some basic guidelines that you can follow for increasing the life expectancy of an air conditioner.

  • To increase the designated life expectancy of your air conditioner from 10 to 15 years you must get a periodic maintenance service from professional. By getting your conditioner cleaned, examined and serviced by specialized personnel you can steer clear from several minor issues that can turn out to be majorly problematic further down the road.
  • It is essential that you keep your indoor AC further away from the sun or any heat producing source. For extra protection, you can use drapes, heavy blinds for your appliance. Make sure to keep items such as grass, dirt and weed away from the appliance so that the leaves and twigs don’t get stuck in the inner fans.
  • Along with conducting scheduled maintenance, you must make sure that your conditioner is always clean and free from dirt and debris. Air conditioner works efficiently if it’s cleaned and free form dirt especially in its inner coils.
  • Along with removing clusters of dirt around the condenser make sure that the indoor air circulation is free from obstruction. The area around the return inlets and cooling vents should be kept free from dirt and pollutions. It is better to use vacuum cleaners and to remove build-up dust around the inner edges of the cooling vents.
  • Probably the most components in an air conditioner are the air filters. The essential components regulate the performance and efficiency of your air conditioner. Although during your maintenance services the technicians will replace the former air filters with new ones you may have to change it often depending upon your use. A normal air filter generally lasts around for one or two months and gets clogged with pollen, dust. So if you live dry and arid sectors or have poor air quality in your surroundings then it is better that you change them often.


These are some ways that will help your air conditioner to endure the maximum life expectancy and in provide efficiency in its service. While you can follow these guidelines to bring out the maximum functionality in your air conditioner Australia, it is best to minimize the workload of your appliance. Diminishing the overall load form your appliance can help achieve the desired lifespan for your accommodated air conditioner.